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Help us to raise funds that fund the programs and projects and the operation as well.

Donors help us to raise 100,000 for New York homelessness. +

We want to raise 1,000,000 for breast cancer patients and survivors. +

Can your donors support our fundraising efforts? Donate 1000,000 towards feeding our poor through the food pantry. +

Grant funds of 5,000,000 are needed to help the operational programs and projects of the organization. +

Our Student's Scholarship fund for the poor community needs your help to raise 9,000,000 to give students across New York and other states school bags, pens, and pencils. Veterans need help, and our organization needs your support of 2,000,000 to support our veterans.

Programs and Projects / Operation and partner. +

More information about the raising of funds for a cause go to GCPTALKS