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Your donation support is needed, as we hear the cries of many and wishes to do our very best to give aid to those who seek our help. Therefore, to those who are being called on for their support in times of need, please be reassured that your generous contribution  is well appreciated. Your donation is needed, give generously? Our non profit will never allow your support to be ignored, or be directed where it's not needed or wasn't intended. We want to avoid denying the needy anymore, then they have been, but, since they have put aside for a while. It gives us a need to help make a difference in society today.

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To our long standing contributors giving is an everlasting kindness we do appreciate. Donors THIS BUTTON, is for recurring donations.


Your support is something we see long coming for Citizen of the United States of America, and our adopted policy projects. To those who hardly have a decent meal or a proper place to reside nevertheless sleep. A hot meal or a hot soup, and a warm place to stay during the winter nights and summer in those tormented summer heats.

The Homeless, those with hunger, and the disease, the victims of abuse and crimes done to humanity. Our non profit will create projects to adventure in these issues we speak about that matters to our concern citizens who are willing to stand up and take the fight to entities and  surrounding communities

As we stand with the non profit Garth Charity Projects, Inc officials working to make our idealistic projects work for key individual a group of people we thank the supporters who made it all possible. Garth Charity Projects, Inc

Our Non Profit Garth Charity Projects, Inc standing up for humanity cries from

   within, the United States and to the branch within, Jamaica and else where.

Contact Director of Fundraising Secretary for Info
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