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Maroon Town District

District of Maroon Town St, James Jamaica West Indies that the nonprofit of the United States organization established to serve. Besides America.

Maroon Town is located in the Cockpit Country, which is part of the parish of St. James in Jamaica. It's about 29 kilometers southwest of Montego Bay, the parish capital.

Maroon Town was one of five original Maroon settlements. The Maroons were escaped slaves who ran away from their plantations when the British took Jamaica from Spain in 1655. The Spanish called these free slaves "Maroons," a word derived from "Cimarron," which means "fierce" or "unruly". The British removed all the Maroons from Maroon Town after the second Maroon War in the late 1700s. The nearest present-day Maroon settlement is in Accompong, St Elizabeth. The four official Maroon towns still in existence in Jamaica are Accompong Town, Moore Town, Charles Town, and Scott's Hall. And

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