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Garth Thompson briefly tells his story on the background of the two nonprofit organizations' purpose and reason. And why Garth Charity and GCPTALKS came to be of existence. With the two working as partners for the good of the community dire needs for humanitarian awareness affairs.

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My Story

Garth Thompson 
The Story of Garth Thompson
generalizing on Garth Charity Projects.

The Founder and President foresee a vision with the purpose that led him to believe what is his calling to give back.
The facts. His philanthropist efforts call it's to give back to the poor and needy understand that his mission is widely throughout. The notion that the nonprofit "Garth Charity Projects; was established to bring about change within the community in which I was born and raised does mean a lot as it tells a story. 

And the rest of my additional dreams and purpose in life is ahead.

Garth Charity Projects was "registered, in the United States of America to delegate projects started in the Maroon St James of Jamaica West Indies Based on Maroon Town St. James Health Center condemn nurse's cottage building. The Garth Charity Projects' purpose is also to conduct fundraising to help to support the United States' needed charitable support and in Bylaw effects to do all the good.

Therefore, territories of America and allies will work in conjunction to meet the purpose missions. That matters.

It's an opportunity effort as this nonprofit was given to Garth Thompson by God because, during his adolescent years, it would create his platform to enlighten his Maroon Town, St James community. Back in Jamaica West Indies.


Out of Garth Charity Projects came the birth of GCPTALKS, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with GCPTALKS as a partner of Garth Charity Projects.

Garth Charity Projects & GCPTALKS agendas. ...
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