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Choose your stipend Membership plan

Find one that works for you

  • Best Value

    Membership ForGCP

    Every month
    Your $1.00Contribution is for our operation program benefits
    • This $1-Agreement can exceed, $1 thru $5 supporting US
    • Sponsor to this Membership can give $1 or $5 dollars
    • This $1 Contribution will help with Stipend and other
    • Other operations such as facility bills and supplies Etc
    • If you can not give higher than $5 then we ask for $1.00?
    • The $1.00funds will support GarthCharityProjects operations
    • Please join this Funds request, and give $1.00 Monthly?
  • MembershipForStipend

    Every month
    Silver Membership Stipend
    • Giving stipend to Staff of Garth Charity Projects,
    • Marketing Director processing More information
    • $10 thru $20
    • A Silver Membership list your photo & comments on our site
    • Click Stipend Information for more details?
  • Membership Stipend

    Every month
    Stipend Benefits for duties accomplished
    • Stipend plans for officers of Garth Charity Projects, Inc
    • Marketing Director will create event planning for stipend.
    • Monthly plans ( Events) Donation ...
    • $15 thru $20
    • Award Membership for this donor
  • Membership Silver

    Every month
    Under Garth Charity Projects Partner GCPTALKS Transparency
    • Monthly Operational Pro-& Projects & Benefits to homeless...
    • Membership Silver $4.99 Monthly
    • It's GCPTALKS ways raise funds to support community
    • How we plan to give back it's through your subscriptions
    • Help with GCPTALKS community Giving ways?
    • Would you like to go on a bus tour plan ahead
    • If you want to take a trip it would be $150 dollars a person
    • Your $4.99 contribution will go towards GCPTALKS Programs
    • GCPTALKS operational programs funds will benefit plans ahead
    • A port of your $4.99 will towards homelessness
    • $4.99 will develop the programs and projects be sure to give
    • Make your Monthly giving
    • Be prepared to start a bus trip touring upstate New York
    • It's a 1 day1 night sleep over NY tour $150.000
    • No toddler, infant, 12 years old. Young Adults from 18 & up
    • If you're a Singer, Dancer Musician... Join as well
    • Model, DJ, Host up and coming... Join too with Us
    • No smoking or drinking of alcohol beverages is allowed
    • Security Bus ride
    • You can donate to this trip efforts by visiting GCPTALKS
    • Or donate on Garth Charity
    • The media is welcome to join
    • All ethnicity is welcome to join with Us
    • Dress to show off yourself for humanity Now
    • We are raising funds to help causes help to make this annual
    • All info will post on Garth Charity Projects .org & GCPTALKS
    • If you donate or purchase a ticket you will receive a letter
    • You will receive a tax deductible letter. Provide your email
    • Provide your Address, Name Cell Zip code. DONATE
    • Donate to start the trip send a contact email when you
    • When you DONATE send your contact Email tell us your State.
    • GCPTALKS is a 5019C)(3) 83,3626977
    • Please join as a member, also Donors DONATE
    • Your Funds is our request
    • It's our request give $4.99 it's a Monthly subscription
    • Email Us
    • Brooklyn New York 11210
  • Garth Charity Projects Funds

    Every month
    Your donation contribution will help with community awareness.
    • Feeding the poor, homeless, Youth programs, and more.
    • Childhood & adult cancer patients are some of our priorities
    • We will raise funds to support dire needs
    • Needs of Garth Charity
    • You will receive a tax deductible letter to file your tax
    • At

    Every month
    The nonprofit organization is raising funds to help supporting the organization
    • And facility needs. will support workshops.
    • With masks giving and childhood and adult support
    • as it pertains to cancer benefits and more
    • Children scholarship and taking on the interest of youth.
    • With their development. Other
    • When you donate you will receive a tax deductible letter
    • With this letter you will file your tax.
    • Donate
    • At
  • Charities Funds

    Every month
    Our organization with giving to the vulnerable .
    • Those in need shall receive charitable gifts from supporters
    • like you. Through the organization, you, the donor,
    • can send your "gift" tp support the less fortunate.
    • You will be able to speak with Garth Thompson about funds
    • purpose as your choice is to make donation to causes.
    • Under the
    • You will receive a tax deductible letter to file your tax.
    • Donate
  • Projects Sponsor Funds

    Every month
    Garth B. Thompson projects need your sponsorship
    • Projects sponsor funds.
    • The nonprofit and partner organization GCPTALKS,org and
    • Garth Charity is working on projects that need
    • Your sponsorship support. Will you support the efforts?
    • About what's about to happen as Garth Thompson is working on
    • a dynamic projects. One that will give back to community
    • in so many ways.
    • The out cry Humanity Cry out, song will bring an exciting
    • plan for community needs. And a sponsorship is needed.
    • Sponsor- this plan with a (Sponsorship- plan of the amount.
    • Sponsorship 35 dollar*plan, 40 dollar* plan, 50 dollar*plan
    • Or 75 dollar* plan, 150 dollar*plan, 500 dollar*plan
    • 1000 dollar*plan or Other
    • Trips, boat ride, On-line fundraising or Bus ride if donors
    • are interested. If not, make a donation as still receive
    • Your tax deductible letter to file your tax
    • Support the sponsorship plan for a project
    • Donate Now
    • At

Donors contributions are needed to provide for task and community awareness issues and as well as allowing us to enage in other programs and projects. Your Membership plans will work towards what has been presented. Purchase a benefit plan?


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