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    Membership ForGCP

    Every month
    Your $1.00Contribution is for our operation program benefits
    • This $1-Agreement can exceed, $1 thru $5 supporting US
    • Sponsor to this Membership can give $1 or $5 dollars
    • This $1 Contribution will help with Stipend and other
    • Other operations such as facility bills and supplies Etc
    • If you can not give higher than $5 then we ask for $1.00?
    • The $1.00funds will support GarthCharityProjects operations
    • Please join this Funds request, and give $1.00 Monthly?
  • MembershipForStipend

    Every month
    Silver Membership Stipend
    • Giving stipend to Staff of Garth Charity Projects,
    • Marketing Director processing More information
    • $10 thru $20
    • A Silver Membership list your photo & comments on our site
    • Click Stipend Information for more details?
  • Membership Stipend

    Every month
    Stipend Benefits for duties accomplished
    • Stipend plans for officers of Garth Charity Projects, Inc
    • Marketing Director will create event planning for stipend.
    • Monthly plans ( Events) Donation ...
    • $15 thru $20
    • Award Membership for this donor

Donors contributions are needed to provide for task and community awareness issues and as well as allowing us to enage in other programs and projects. Your Membership plans will work towards what has been presented. Purchase a benefit plan?