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First thing community. Our world and the people connected to data collected that will then use to study how we should approach things.


Second list item. Giving back life to people and inform them  how to keep it connected We should collect

ways give new meaning of life. .


Third list item.  We should connect business to our fight and solutions.


Fourth list item. Campaign for youth to join community development is a must- they are the next generation, and should get involve.


Fifth list item. Our campaign should bring communities and nation should content here or connect to  bring sponsors on board etc


Sixth list item. The theme content must have a connection from start to end and galvanizing talents.


Seventh list item. Fundraising must geared toward real issues here and connect to fans for a successful fundraising event...


There are issues that we face every day in our lives, and it is something that surely all of us will experience. Still, we have work to get done, and that means we must continue as citizens to help each other in ways that we can.  Our Awareness efforts will help to bring resources in place to aid the situation that most community have to endure. This Awareness campaign is speaking about dire needs that alert community leaders to do more. In Health need and more. Our Indigents, need access to water, Educational tools, Study  facility and reading materials, facilities, and a place for sports development. Our programs will work to provide ways to help with hot soup programs for the homeless, and cancer awareness session to educate the public at large. Other needs are on our list that will make public in the appropriate time. 

The Garth Charity Projects, Inc have more items of it s list Learn More

Awareness such as:

Health Center needs Support More Details

Youth Development Support 

More Details

Handing Scholarship support

More Details

Community affairs support

More Details

PTSD Traumatic Stress, Veterans, Soldiers, Police and Fire fighters and other support

More Details

Post traumatic stress disorder

Also called: PTSD

 Colon Cancer support

More Details

Diabetics & High Blood-

Pressure, Pancreatic Cancer, and other  support

More Details

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Our Non Profit Garth Charity Projects, Inc standing up for humanity cries from
   within, the United States and to the branch within, Jamaica and else where.

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