Welcome to Garth Charity Projects, Inc corporation that has been established to conduct noble deeds for humanity Cry, in the United States of America, and the Caribbean Island of Jamaica west Indies. Founder and President Garth Thompson, have an interest in Humanitarian. His corporation Garth Charity, Inc was formed in 2014 to benefit Maroon Town St James  Health Centre. His strong determination prompt him to take action. Therefore, With other awareness as he hopes to improve communities needs. Garth Thompson has been working diligently to help, and develop programs, that will make a difference in Community Projects. Such as the youth lives, while focusing on the Indigents, Homelessness, Diseases, Hurricane, Fundraising, Agriculture, Food Pantry, Hunger.  More Details

The Garth Charity Projects, Inc wishes to create an agreement with genres who can work as ambassador towards Maroon Town St James projects in this dire need approach. I believe that this is a great opportunity to galvanize the youth focusing on their future as the next generation-leaders. The corporation wishes to bring most of the society issues on the agenda list. Garth Charity Projects, Inc, programs starting from within Brooklyn, and throughout the United States and Jamaica West Indies. Giving back to the needy,  such as Ambulance, Wheelchairs, Supplies, Medical Items, Youth Activities-support, Dental Care, Shelter, Nigh Schools, Student Scholarship, Refurbishing.  More. Details  


The corporation purpose is to adopt a community, facility, which is under management-hardship,  and with its community facing emergency. The corporation agreed with public service policy benefiting communities, as it hopes your Government/officials extend authority. And an Adoption Permission. If your community needs substantial assistance to aid the difficulty of (management -Hardship) Submit Report. The Garth Charity Projects, Inc. intend to be your voice, to allow services to be granted. Basically the corporation, vision the idea with up and coming, and renowned stars too. Send portfolio. Be a part of the corporation Media outlet. Join Us and the many fund-raising events, along with volunteering your time by giving back to society dire need, Follow our Hot Soup-drive & other dreams on  More Details

We would like your support to allow this dream to be fulfilled?                                                        now?

#Performance for Dire Needs Concerts Fundraising

Projects for causes, stemming from community needs. With up and coming and renowned performers joining the performance-For-Causes. Our stage effort will make a difference in society. Giving back, your talents will help bring awareness. This is GCP interest in humanity cry, that faces community. If you have talent we urge that you click sign Up to present your rendition?

Tax exempt corporation year ending 2015 12-31, and filing-2017 -for Garth Charity Projects, Inc -05-13-2017. Open to Public Inspection. (EIN) More Details >

Branch 20 Lloyd Young Drive, Albion, MontogoBay, St James, Jamaica Adoption permission / USA Corporation HeadQuarters Office Brooklyn NY  Funds

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Garth Charity Projects, Inc

Founder & President

Brooklyn NY 11210


Dear Business Owners, you are being acknowledged to join us in supporting, your community, and projects of our ongoing outreach to those that are not fortunate at this period in their lives.


If you're, a Leader and someone who have an interest to giving back to your neighborhood, communities, City, States and Nation then join Us? Your purpose will be to sponsor, a person that is in need with a dinner, Tea, and Hot Soup.


You can select a meal-interest. Your community depends on you.  Bring your leadership to the streets, lets clean these streets. If homeless is your interest, Join Us? Garth Charity Projects, Inc need your support today? Your business will be blessed more, of the fact that you care.


In Conclusion: lets work on a hot soup program this winter? In most if not, all Fundraising Events American Stars will join for causes. To Sponsors going forward in these-events-planning join Us? Our nonprofit Garth Charity Projects, Inc awaits your reply.


Sincerely Respectfully


Founder and President 

Garth Thompson-  with support of Staff

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Our Non Profit Garth Charity Projects, Inc standing up for humanity cries from

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