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Privacy Policy

The Committee Policy and 
generalization rules thereof to follow. The terms will be addressing to committee members, and volunteers. Two parties of the same idea is for the two entities to follow. 

Committee members cannot compromise the non profit for personal gains.  Member of the committee cannot conduct money fraud. Committee members shall not have a conversation about funds given to him or her to support their personal interest.  The facility will not be used to lower staff, Customers, Sponsors, Donor and for all these concerts above and below committee members will not engage. 

Any misconduct will result in disciplinary actions

The same rules apply to volunteers. Do not ask for personal favors and used our nonprofit under this understanding creating illegal acts. Respect our policy and terms thereof, and otherwise disciplinary actions will be taken.

Do the right thing for
(GCP) Garth Charity Projects nonprofit

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Privacy Policy

The Corporation non profit Garth Charity Projects, Inc is claiming  All rights  to its  Policy that no one shall use the Garth Charity Projects, name falsely  or in any way. Garth Charity Projects, Inc is a non profit that is with Board of Directors and Founder and President, Senior Vice President and Assistant, and other ranks that is the makeup of this corporation.  Officers and junior staff. And committee members. 

If you're not an officer or any staff and materials and rights was not given to you. You are not entitled to the corporation. Garth Charity Projects, Inc under any circumstances  do anyone publicly is entitled to own any materials and new information that is on our site all rights under our non profit is one hundred percent belongs to the corporation. 
The non profit does not wish for any visitors to post the site on any site that is of porn or do anyone has the right to share the site in a business forum settings without the officials at Garth Charity Projects, Inc knowledge. The corporation is about community development and give backs. Our purpose of the site is to help the community that is in dire needs.

There should not be any paragraphs on the non profit site Garth Charity Projects, Inc use for any visitor's gain. Programs set to be public and which have been posted on the Garth Charity Projects, Inc site should not be seen on other site or persons should then take our projects for information for their personal projects creating events with our potential progress in the works. For any reasons should any of our tools and write-ups, used to promote other non profit or for profits events and programs.

To subscribe one should join with great hopes of what you can do for others and support the causes. This is for the betterment of communities who faces dire needs, and to subscribe is to support us as a fan and donor. You are subscribing to be a member to give back your time as well as to give funds. Subscribe now to gain information about our events and more...

Benefit Concerts 

Our Concerts will be in many States, City, Parish, Villages, Towns and areas that one would not expect. Globally we strive to make the unexpected become a reality. Planing events that transform many lives and gives hope to the non-believers. No one should copy this information. Subscribe?


Individual terms

Donation, FundsPurpose of Funds, Projects, Causes & Other

Being an officer of the Garth Charity Projects each individual will be address at some point in time when you sign up or in a meeting and at other session
 You will be told about our donation, funds and purpose etc

Terms of Services & disclaimer. MoreDetails

Our Policy terms and Condition as follow. Learn more continue >
Contact Humanitarian Director, Secretary for Info

Our Non Profit Garth Charity Projects, Inc standing up for humanity cries from
   within, the United States and to the branch within, Jamaica and else where.
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