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Our Garth Charity Projects, Inc interest is to provide hot soup to our community of dire need, focusing on the homelessness issues at large, giving to a resident in an emergency. We believe the United States have many needy people who would love a hot-Soup. 
In the Hot Soup awareness-cries, sharing to those at winter times, and on the streets, even in homes  if there is a flood or stormy seasons or at centers, Garth Charity Projects, Inc  plans to give back to those who require a hot soup.
It's the non profit way, of giving back, and saying thanks to America for the opportunity of caring. Therefore, we want to give a human being a Hot Meal. We want our volunteers to dress for the Hot Soup occasions with gloves, hats, booth, Shirts and all the suitable gears for winter weather as well as summer.

Our terms and condition rights to this team policy are not for staff or anyone reading this message to copy and or use with their institution development. It's our rights to protect our property. This is a nondisclosure policy.

Purple Cup Hot Soup www.garthcharityproj
Commmunity Give Back

Commmunity Give Back

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Our Non Profit Garth Charity Projects, Inc standing up for humanity cries from
   within, the United States and to the branch within, Jamaica and else where.
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