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It's Our Humanitarian Cry Movement

Victim Hardship Care Card


Victim Hardship Care Card

Hunger Outreach supports those who are struggling to make ends meet. 

We understand the word struggles. And national struggling also globally trying to get a hot or cold meal. We know about hard times and hunger when a human being can't seem to make ends meet. Living all by yourself, and trying to make, a difference and with no support but God!

As a result, with no one to care for you or your wellbeing but you alone.
  Hunger can happen to the rich. As well as to the poor, and in most instances, it's the poor who is on the frontline asking for support as they do so to get their night's meal. If you are jobless, which is often, at times, the reason's why.

Then your approach should be I will work and accept the little I can get until something better comes along.

But I feel that there should be a system to follow up on and arrive at a starting point to finish gracefully. In agreement, Garth Charity Projects and GCPTALKS is where the public donates to give a person breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. And allow a meal package for the day and let the individual manage their meals into four for the day.

The program and projects with the angel donors fund the programs and efforts. 

Therefore, the facts are that if you are faced with poverty and can't confront potential donors. Yourself, By asking for food support, then join GCPTALKS to help.  

"GCPTALKS is a nonprofit organization 501(c) (3) 83,362 6977.

Should you experience poverty, struggles, and hardship with wanting food or groceries, and if you reside in a shelter or on your own. If you know of someone willing to help?  

Donors and receivers who want to file "his or her" donated funds can only file by donors. Donors will receive a tax-deductible letter. Only the donor can receive a tax-deductible letter to file annual tax.  

GCPTALKS will collect the yearly donation and give funds to victims who face hardship without any fee's policy attached. GCPTALKS will process the tax-deductible letter for the "angel donors. 

The person with struggles will obtain a "Victim Hardship Care card" and can explain to a support Angel donor who is willing to help towards the cause.


Victims with hardship will be a program with limited time and access.

Your donor's donation has suggested 5 10 15 others.

Terms and Conditions and Privacy and safety for all 

Usage oversight

Liaison  of Victim Hardship Care Card
officer of GCPTALKS

Our Victims Hardship


Liaison  of Victim Hardship

Daivd Ali

The job of the liaison is to encourage victims and direct Angels Donors to give. Where donors can become a member and join the mailing list. 

Liaison Officer duties.

Garth Charity Projects & GCPTALKS


Victim with Hardship

Asking food to eat from a person  you should make sure that you are not allergic to the food.  if you ask a person to help you with food  is it for the day?

Donor funds

Victims with Hardship

Asking a donor to support your food supplies with a donation giving TUESDAYS? Donors can donate every Tuesday to your  request needs?



Victims with hardship

Helping victims with in America

starting in New York. 

Who did not eat today?

Who is in a shelter?

 Question are you Homeless?


Victims with Hardship

Groceries are something that might work out for you so maybe can ask for groceries. Or  is it possibly, you just want the meal for now.

Victims Hardship Care Card

Victims with Hardship

The card that will make you stand out when it comes to identifying you.

How do you obtain a card send in your victim's Hardship note letter.

Victim's card will be used to provide information about the victims who are faced with hardship.

GCPTALKS Victims of Hardship Care Card

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