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Garth And the Arts

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Founder and President Garth Thompson

Garth And The Arts

Garth Thompson has had many years of conducting and organizing shows in Jamaica since his adolescent years. As a child growing up he would galvanize his peers. To engage in community activities which were concerts and sports for the purpose, of fundraising. One of his biggest shows was at the church that he attended. Thus, he gave his peers a good meaning of understanding and caring for each other. These activities helped to groom him.

So, it all began for Garth. Interest peaked among his peers because he allowed them to believe that their talents were a set of tools to share with others and entertain for fun and profit at the Mount Edmondson Methodist Church in Maroon Town, Saint James. Now as the Founder and President of Garth Charity Projects, Inc, he wishes to help young artists, who're willing to use the fundraising spotlight as their exposure or gateway to the world. These people include models and singers of gospel, R&B, hip-hop, jazz etc. and poets.

The organization's goal is to encourage people of different ethnic groups whether sponsors, volunteers, the media, the youth even professionals to perform in their style and culture.

Garth Charity Projects hopes to bring fine arts to every borough of New York City and hopefully the entire USA and eventually to the Island of Jamaica in the West Indies.

The organization wants persons who're willing to give something back to communities in need, helping to create hope for all mankind and creating a place where people can be happy and embrace human expression and creativity.

 Garth B. Thompson

Garth Charity Projects, Inc AND GCPTALKS, INC

both arriving under one, Garth B. Thompson

Founder and President

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