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"He is standing towards fighting cancer"

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Ambassador Jones Amankwah Boateng Ghana.
Ambassador Jones Amankwah Boateng Ghana.

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It's Our Humanitarian Cry Movement

GCP, Garth Charity Project


On one of Garth Thompson's visits to Jamaica, he noticed the Maroon Town St James Health Center, immediate needs. Within the district, as residents traveled 16 miles (ca. 26 kilometers) to the next hospital. Garth Thompson knew it was not enough. Then immediately he reached out to the local authorities, discussing-ways on how he would make a difference. As a son of Jamaica, Garth Thompson shows how much he cares. Garth Thompson then return to the United States, where he is citizen and formed a corporation called Garth Charity Projects, Inc

The purpose of the Garth Charity Projects, Inc is to engage in fundraising on behalf of the Maroon Town St James Health Center, and other society awareness within Jamaica West Indies, and desired projects in the United States. 

The non profit Founder and President have a super-natural calling for humanity Cry and will use his - corporation-dreams to care for nation (s) of indigent in many ways. The non profit carries three Boards of Directors, and many officers of interest that will serve well. We're dealing with causes and Projects which each officers officials duties do mean a lot to our non profit.

         Desired Projects within the United State and else where,

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Garth Thompson


Giving your Donation

today will definitely go

along way to help those in need. Make a true everlasting promise to yourself it will surely make a difference to someone else. It's time to give your support for a better community. Help with our projects the next generation will appreciate your contribution so give from your heart?



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It's very essential that you get involved with Garth Charity Projects, Inc and the many programs and projects. If you have any non profit experience you are being advice to join. Help with our give back projects that is working with communities one at a time. If you're reaching today to get involved contact Us or Email Us. Society is waiting again Get Involved?

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Purple Cup Hot Soup www.garthcharityproj

Our mission is to assist the Health centre with its dire need issues, and other Community concerns of 

Humanity Cries- need. Our dream for Maroon Town St James and surrounding communities are joint mission & thereof within these United States of America. The vision is of Humanitarian and developing projects and programs. Garth Charity Projects -Fundraising will benefit these goals and more, Details


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