Updated: Dec 20, 2018

It's your world do not stop creating what ever comes to mind. Continue to make a difference in society the children of this world need each other to help make this world a better place. Garth Charity Projects, Inc is willing to invite the world and their issues. Tell your story to us? If you're, in need of support and or if you want to promote your idealistic awareness, share it with our non profit?

Ambassador Jones Amankwah Boateng

Ambassador Jones Amankwah Boateng, My duty, one of my duties is to create ways to support and encourage Students. I am working on the project that will ensure the Ghana student. Interviewing them and presenting their awareness. Sharing their talent and educational skills to the world. Meeting with School Principals and discussing ways to help Ghana's students is something I take serious as well as enjoy. This project will present Photos and videos, of Ghana students, singing dancing and poems, telling their stories by shared cultural- traditions. Garth Charity Projects, Inc sees Ghana youth as a vital force towards approaching global awareness as this is about their future and support of their educational advancement and telling the world about serious issues.

Ghana Student and youth on a whole are being called on to be the voice of awareness is all corners of society.


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