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Updated: Dec 20, 2018

When it comes to community affairs you can depend on us

America Stars for Causes

Choose us to be on your side

Garth Charity Projects, is here for you, we are about supporting the need to give back, plan event, raise funds, organize projects.

Let's work to build a nation of givers and make it a job for others to be engaged for generations to come. Learn about our latest topics, and see if you can work with us.

Every friend on Facebook can talk about us with the latest social features built in. Readers can easily share posts on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and view how many people have liked a post, made comments and more.

Media Out let

Street campaign for causes:

  • Photo Shoot

  • Your videos and music

  • Creating Showcase and interview about and what you think about society dire needs.

Support our brands that is being presented for causes that we create, for our community.

Hashtag sponsor Us

Love to #hashtag? Good news!

You need to join us hashtag(Fundraising) throughout our blog and find the content that matters to you and someone you know. So go ahead and #hashtag away!

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