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Updated: Jul 20, 2022

The Founder and President Garth Thompson dream of a day when we can do more to support our many causes and ask that if you have the patience and are true to your beliefs I ask that you join now to give back. Support Us, so we can help the community with giving back.

Founder & President Garth Thompson, Board of Director -Stewart of the Board & Chairman

GarthCharityProjects.Org Nonprofit Organization

It's your world do not stop creating whatever comes to mind. Continue to make a difference in society the children of this world need each other to help make this world a better place. Garth Charity Projects, Inc is willing to invite the world and their issues. Tell your story to us? If you're in need of support and or if you want to promote your idealistic awareness, share it with our non profit?

Ambassador Jones Amankwah Boateng, My duty, one of my duties is to create ways to support and encourage Students. I am working on the project that will ensure the Ghana student. Interviewing them and presenting their awareness. Sharing their talent and educational skills to the world. Meeting with School Principals and discussing ways to help Ghana's students is something I take serious as well as enjoy. This project will present Photos and videos, of Ghana students, singing dancing and poems, telling their stories by shared cultural-traditions. Garth Charity Projects, Inc sees Ghana youth as a vital force towards approaching global awareness as this is about their future and support of their educational advancement and telling the world about serious issues.

Ghana Student and youth as a whole are being called on to be the voice of awareness is all corners of society.

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Updated: Oct 16, 2018

  • Garth Charity Projects, Inc selecting individuals to advocate for the non profit in nations that are friendly to the United States of America. You're invited to be a candidate




Dear Jones Amankwah Boateng, our non Non Profit Garth Charity Project, Inc

Founder and President, Garth Thompson office has received your letter, pertaining Ambassadorship. Its exciting that you want to be an Ambassador advocating for Garth Charity Projects, Inc from within your nation Ghana. We are delighted to have you on board to engage in the assignment duties. We also understand that your stage name is Jones Kelvin as well. And we are pleased to meet you, as well as acknowledge your talent, we wish you well with the entertainment part you play in the Model and Photo shoot industry.

You're an outstanding model on the runway and stage, and one that I know the young people will look up to you for questions and leadership as they too will pursue their escape. This will allow you key points in representing and representation in society great development. You are a promising star that I know shows signs of good- productive - citizen of your nation state, Ghana. We're looking forward to working with you and meeting with-you in the near future.

After reviewing your letter, your photos and having many conversation with you, there is no doubt in my mind, as the Founder and President that you're capable to handle this task. Stage Name Mr. Jones Kelvin with pride I say that Garth Charity Projects, Inc select you to advocate for us. Humanity Cries that is a big part of our movement knowing that Ghana is on board with Us. We do hope you can do your best to work on issues from within your nation Ghana and share these field work on our page daily, weekly and monthly.

And you can present annual events to the global stage on our page. As an Ambassador you must advocate for your community and create your team of , six 6 to eight people who will support your community. Tell us of your needs and how we can be of help. Speak to your local Radio and TV Station as well as news papers about changes that you see and hopes that you have for Ghana communities. Stand up for Ghana surrounding communities. Mr Jones Kelvin, Help make a difference in Ghana and the world? Help to make a great impact for those to follow? The youth in Ghana depend on you for that change.

Dear official Jones Amankwah Boateng I am now presenting the word that you are accepted to carry out your duties thereof, and you should do so, as our Ambassador speaking for Garth Charity Projects, Inc. Advocate for communities needs in Health Care, Youth development, Sports Activities, as well as Humanitarian development. Thus far these are the duties I Garth Thompson here by selecting you to work on for Garth Charity Projects, Inc dynamic effort. This opportunity will allow you to do wonders, towards your community nation of Ghana. Garth Charity Projects, Inc acknowledge, the ideal of you holding a Portfolio towards duties of Community affairs.

Mr Jones Amankwah Boateng, and Stage name entitled Jones Kelvin, we asked that you represent us, towards humanity Cries. And ask that you send to Garth Charity Projects, Inc Updates. You are welcome to visit us in the United States on assignment duties gearing towards ongoing projects and duties that you were selected to complete.

Garth Charity Projects, inc Present its Ambassador of , the International State, of Ghana.

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Updated: Dec 20, 2018

Your present is needed to be that voice for community and their needs, physical you can join the streets with us and let your present be seen. But we want you to take it upon yourself to tell us in your words what you can do for Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island? Write in ways how you can give back to your community?

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It's Our Humanitarian Cry Movement

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